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Albany Area Hospital and Medical Center

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The Albany Area Hospital & Medical Center provides a wide-range of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services for people in the Albany area. We provide our patients with the medical services and education needed to stay as healthy as possible. Our services are provided by an experienced and committed team of health care workers who are members of the communities we
serve, sharing the same values and traditions as their neighbors.

Employee experience and dedication are synonymous with quality medical care and personalized attention. We are proud of our staff and the valuable experience, excellent training and caring spirit they bring to the patients they serve. We are dedicated to maintaining a caring attitude and providing excellent customer service.
The variety of facilities and programs offered in our organization translates into many different employment opportunities. We employ people working in highly technical and professional career fields as well as less technical, service positions.
Our dedicated and caring employees are the focus behind the quality care we provide. We continue to pursue individuals who want to become part of an important mission— providing care to people in rural communities.
People who become a part of our health care team enjoy:

  • Flexible, varied schedules
  • Competitive wages and benefits, including health and dental insurance, paid vacations, and sick leave
  • A supportive work environment
  • The opportunity to learn “firsthand” about health care careers
Emergency Service

  • Because an accident can happen at any time, we provide emergency service around the clock.


  • Our radiology department performs diagnostic services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Through the years, we have assisted many families in bring their babies into this world.


    • Skilled surgeons perform a variety of procedures in a well-equipped operating room. They utilize the latest techniques and are assisted by specialty trained surgical nurses and anesthesia staff.

    Rehab Services

    • Whether you’ve suffered an injury or an illness has impaired your health, our team of skilled physical, occupational and speech therapists can put you on the road to recovery. We treat patients of all ages, in a variety of settings, all with a goal of promoting a lifetime of health and physical fitness.

    Home Care

    • Whether caring for newborns, adults, or seniors, the health care professionals of Unity Family Home Care have dedicated their careers to keeping patients in the most comfortable and productive environment for healing - their own homes.


    • Hospice provides support and care for persons in the last phases of incurable diseases so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible.

    Community Education

    • Albany Area Hospital's community education programs are designed specifically to provide you with preventative and health education services.